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a wallaperie exclusive design

Sweet, hand-painted flowers in pastel shades lend a magical feel to a room. Watercolor artwork by Ana Lida.

Wallpaperie exclusive.

Design repeat :
48 inches horizontal (spans two panels for an A/B panel installation)
48 inches vertical

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your paper types?

Peel ’n Stick Paper

Our commercial grade, peel 'n stick paper has a canvas texture, and an adhesive back much like a sticker. The paper backing is peeled away so the adhesive backing of the paper can be applied to the wall. You can pull it off to reposition if you don't get it just right. The adhesive employs a microsphere bead technology that allows the paper to hold well, but release from the wall without damaging the finish. When placing ANY brand of peel 'n stick paper in critical areas such as behind a child's crib or bed, we recommend priming with one of our recommended primers (info provided in the install instructions with your order) and permanent double sided tape at the top edge to ensure safety.

PrePasted Paper

Our lightly textured, commercial grade, pre-pasted paper is traditionally used and preferred by installers, but is also DIY friendly. Simply spray with water to activate the glue and then apply to the wall. It's very easy to slide around a bit to match seams. Our particular pre-pasted paper is easy to remove, and comes off in one piece when it's time to take it down. Like the peel 'n stick, it will not damage your walls during removal.

How do I know how much to order?

We print and cut the paper to the height you specify (5, 8, 9 or 10ft). That way the panels match from side to side and there is no extra needed for matching. The width coverage is created by ordering multiple panels to cover the width of your wall.

To determine how much you need, measure the width of your wall in inches, and add a couple of inches to account for wall width variations. Then, simply divide that number by 24 (the width of our paper in inches) to determine how many panels you will need. Round up to the next whole number. For example, if the number is 5.2, order 6 panels. Order the quantity of panels you need in the height of your walls. Be sure to add a few extra inches to the height to allow for any wall height variation

How long does it take to ship my order?

After you place your order (and finalize customizations), we ship your order via Fed-Ex Home Delivery within 3-7 business days! Orders placed with express shipping receive priority processing.

In general, for non-custom orders:
Orders placed between Wed evening and Sat noon ship Wed.
Orders placed between Sat noon and Mon evening ship Thur.
Orders placed between Mon and Tue evening ship the following Mon.
Orders placed between Tue and Wed evening ship the following Tue.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct. We cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses, so please double check! We want your order to arrive safe and sound! Orders returned to us will require the buyer to repurchase shipping in order to resend.

We do offer several shipping upgrades, displayed at checkout. These will expedite your shipping time, but we still need 3-6 business days to set up and print your order with care.

Can I apply the paper to a textured wall?

If your wall is rough, bumpy or newly painted (needs at least 30 days to cure), peel ’n stick adhesives may not be able to fully adhere to the wall. The reason is because the adhesive needs to contact the wall all over, and it can't contact in the "valleys" of a textured wall because the "hills" prevent it from laying flat. We can't guarantee/be held responsible if any graphics applied to a bumpy texture do not stick. That being said, most applications should fare well. We have installed them on light orange peel texture and they have adhered well.

If you are uneasy about using the peel 'n stick paper, you might consider the pre-pasted paper. It is activated with water and applied to the wall. It's very easy to slide around a bit to match seams. Like the peel 'n stick, it is easy to remove, and comes off in one piece when it's time to take it down. It will not damage the wall during removal. Just moisten the top edge with a wet sponge, and pull down, continuing to moisten the paper as you go. Wipe off any remaining residue with a sponge.

There are many factors beyond our control that may make your wall unique. If you are unsure about texture or paint compatibility, and still want to use the peel 'n stick paper type, please use the wallpaper primer and double stick tape at the tops of the panels. Refunds will not be given for wall incompatibility.

Can I get the paper in different color?

Absolutely! All of our papers are completely customizable! You may purchase a custom sample for the creation of a new color. A custom color is any color not featured in the listing. At the link below, please make a note of your design selection and custom color choice. Custom samples are $25 each and ship in 7-14 business days.

If you'd like to request a particular paint color, we can match pretty closely! We use Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr and PPG decks.

Buy one here:

Do you sell fabric?

Absolutely! Any of our designs are available on many different fabrics, for all of your home decor needs. We even sell matching pillows!

How do I prepare my wall for peel 'n stick paper?

Our paper works great on most flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint finishes. We highly recommend smooth surfaces. If your wall is rough or bumpy, peel 'n stick adhesives may not be able to fully adhere to the wall. We cannot be held responsible if any graphics applied to a bumpy texture do not stick. That being said, most applications should fare well. When installing ANY peel 'n stick paper, consult the paint manufacturer for compatibility, proper drying conditions and cure time (usually 30 days for full cure). Washable/Scrubbable paints may need to be primed before application of ANY peel 'n stick paper as they are designed to prevent things from sticking to them, and unfortunately this includes self-adhesive (peel 'n stick) wallpaper.

Does Wallpaperie's paper overlap at the seam?

Yes, our paper overlaps 3/4 inch to assist in matching. However, if you'd prefer a flush seam, just ask! Many buyers appreciate the extra ease the overlap provides for matching, but we are happy to create it without the overlap. Please leave us a note at time of checkout, as we are usually unable to modify orders once they have been processed.

Do you accept returns?

Each order is printed just for you, so we do not accept returns. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order. We want you to be completely satisfied, and have lots of customer praise to show it.

We work hard to make sure each order is just right, but we are not perfect. If we have made a mistake, we will send out a replacement!

Are your products Non-Toxic?

Our paper is non-toxic and Vinyl/PVC free, contains zero - IARC Group 1 Carcinogens, OSHA Regulated Toxic metal or Carcinogens, USEPA Toxic Release Inventory Substances. It also complies with European REACH Standards and is ASTM E-84 Class A approved. We also use eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic, eco-solvent inks.

The worst eco-outlaw around is vinyl/PVC. Though very cost-effective to produce, it is not worth the risk to your health, or a compromised installation (vinyl is not dimensionally stable). During the manufacturing process, vinyl creates dangerous dioxins, which are known carcinogens and possible hormone disruptors. Vinyl contains heavy metals (lead & cadmium) and once it's applied, off-gases potentially hormone-disrupting phthalates throughout its lifetime. You will find none of these dangerous chemicals in our papers.

Need a Sample?

Wallpaperie offers the highest quality removable and traditional wallpapers on the market. Our commercial grade papers are thicker and more durable than the competition. Made start to finish in the USA of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials! Order a sample and see for yourself!

Order a Sample

What customers say about Posie

Beautiful pattern! We bought the peel ‘n’ stick in the sample first. After months of deliberating between patterns we chose this one by Wallpaperie. It is delicate, sweet and versatile for design. Matching them was nearly impossible. We did one wall and it took us nearly six hours to do just trying to arrange it in a way to mostly match up the majority of the leaves, twigs, and flowers. From afar it is not a big deal and the overall busyness of the pattern hides any of the mismatches, but I think it’s fair for anyone who might be new to this (like we were) to expect imperfections. We were pleased with the quality of the paper and the adhesives, as we had to undo entire panels at first and they’ve been on the wall just fine.

Clear directions! Beautiful wallpaper. Helps if your walls are square!!

Beautiful paper-- even prettier in person. The instructions were easy enough to follow. The only challenging part is that no walls, ceilings, or corners are perfectly straight-- so we spent a good amount of time matching the design (to no fault of seller or product) between panels. All in all, a wonderful product. Would not hesitate to purchase again.

Just finished putting it up and it’s beautiful. Can’t wait until the furniture is here too!

This wallpaper is wonderful! I have used many peel and sticks and this is hands down the best quality I’ve ever worked with. In Addition, Amy is very responsive and so helpful. I needed a slight customization and she was more than happy to help. Shipping and arrival time was fast. I will be ordering again !

It took our old office and turned it into a nursery ❤️

Seller was great to work with! Wallpaper was easy to install and looks adorable in our little girls room!

Really beautiful wallpaper, definitely not the easiest to apply! 9 foot ceilings in my daughters room made for quite the process, and it was a constant battle of getting the paper to line up each panel. However, the finished product looks wonderful and from a distance you can’t see imperfections at all.

This wallpaper is beautiful! Plus the shop owner is incredibly helpful. She sent a free sample prior to our order arriving so we could coordinate room accents. The paper can be a little tricky to put up, but can be done with patience. I recommend the peel & stick for easy repositioning during application. We couldn’t be happier with how our nursery came out!

Everything about this shop was above my expectations. From the communication of messages back and forth, to the delivery time, to the final product and all the detail of the wallpaper itself. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

This wallpaper is amazing quality and a beautiful pattern. I would like to say it is certainly not as easy to apply as all of the reviews make it seem. We had some difficulty lining up the patterns. If your first panel is not perfect, it is difficult to line up the remaining panels so that they are flush with the ceiling and still line up with the pattern and it is hard to get the first panel perfect because you also have to line it up with the wall to the left. We managed though, and in the areas it isn’t perfect, it is hard to even notice since the pattern is busy. Overall, we are obsessed with our baby girl’s nursery all thanks to this amazing product!

Love how this turned out for my daughters big girl room. High quality wall paper from a great seller. Definitely recommend!

This wallpaper is the PERFECT addition to my little girls nursery! It was so simple to put up and I don’t have to worry about it damaging my walls. Highly recommended!!! 💜

The easiest wallpaper ever to put up. Great quality, clear instructions, and beautiful! Easy to find what you need (measuring) and having the top of each numbered panel already straight saved so much time. Perfect for our nursery! Thanks y’all!

Just perfect! Easy to install and can’t wait for Baby Millie to get here to make the room complete!

LOVE LOVE LOVE After having a sample up for awhile and my 3 year olds approval of the design, we went for an accent wall and we all love it! It was very easy to apply by myself. I would definitely purchase this product again.